About Us

Freecode was set-up in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine as the subsidiary of OST company (established in 1995) and since then it was dealing with integration of various Open Source products into the business processes of its various clients. During that time it managed to become an expert in working with such Open Source projects as SugarCRM, GLPI, OrangeHRM, GroupeOffice, Atutor, MODX CMS, using such technologies as PHP, JAVA, PostgreSQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, XML, MySQL.

Our low overhead physical location allows us to provide our clients with the best Eastern European software developers and web developers for a fraction of the expected costs. We have a team of highly skilled, innovative specialist of all ages, each of whom hold a Master or a PhD from top technical universities and have over 5 years of experience. Given all these means that we can offer our clients high-quality bespoke software and web solutions completed to the highest specifications in the punctual and cost-effective manner.

So, if you are looking for high-quality software and web solutions that are tailored to yours needs, in-depth use of modern technologies, professional approach and significant cost-savings then Freecode will meet and exceed your expectations.