Freecode Charts and D3 Wrapper (read more...) 


Freecode charts and d3 wrapper is a free (Apache Licence 2.0) open-source library to draw charts or even any pictures dynamically using the modern powerful technologies of HTML5 SVG. This library is very easy to use, well-documented, gives you the full capability of modern browsers to draw any charts, pictures and images dynamically. It works in all modern browsers from desktop computers to Android and iOS smartphones, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 and above.


Universal Container for Vaadin (read more...) 


The library provides the container for Google App Engine tables, POJO data, SQL databases. Many containers can be joined into a single container (a view container), which is similar to views in databases. Such view container provides the operation of deleting for only a single table or many tables, creation of new records in only one table or some tables simultaneously, updating records only in one table or in many tables simultaneously. Now there is a restriction: only inner joins or left outer joins are supported and the next tables must be joined to the previous tables only by its primary key, which must be of Long or Integer type. The container can be easily used with com.vaadin.ui.Table and supports the same interfaces as, including sorting and filtering. All standard Vaadin filters can be used with this container. In addition, there are a lot of other filters in this library which were found useful in our big commercial project.